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This workshop provides an overview of what impact evidence is and how it differs from evidence of activity. Providing examples of evidence collection methods (tried and tested and the more creative), we look at the benefits of collecting evidence during a project and beyond to help you consider when to start collecting data, how to store it and how to tackle common challenges.

What we cover 

  • examples of impact evidence and how and when to use 'proxy' indicators of change

  • how to create a breadcrumb trail of evidence and how it develops from evidence to activity to evidence of impact

  • the 'best' evidence for an impact case study and how to triangulate 

  • methods of evidence collection

What you'll gain

  • a chance to apply learning in relation to your own research/project

  • a good understanding of evidence collection methods and what might be appropriate for your research impact

  • the beginnings of a plan for evidence collection for your own research

Ideal for

Researchers at all career stages

We also run this workshop through the lens of the arts and humanities disciplines.

3 hours
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In person or online
From £2,500 +VAT

How to book

For more information or to book this workshop please use the contact us form

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Speak to a member of the team to discuss your impact support needs.

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