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From our experience, researchers and Universities have far more to gain when impact is fully embedded in research culture, rather than treated as a one-off training exercise. That's why, throughout the Impact Integrators™ impact skills training programme, you'll hear our founder Saskia Walcott talk about "changing your mindset". For us, this is what it's all about. Whether applying for a grant, developing an impact case study, or networking with partners, our courses are designed to make impact feel second nature to researchers. Something they think about from the very outset, rather than a time-consuming add-on after the event.


Our team has drawn on a wealth of experience working in the Research Councils and Universities across Europe to produce the four Impact Integrators™ self-paced online training courses, which we believe constitute the foundations of impact. 


Each course is designed to be the equivalent of a half-day workshop with online access provided for eight weeks. Prices start at £125 pp + VAT for cohorts of 10 people with set starting points throughout the year.


Email us at or use the contact us form for more information and to register.

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Saskia is so clear! The videos are really nicely pitched and so well presented. It's like having a friend working with you to think through impact as a whole.

A mid-career researcher, Aberystwyth University

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