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This workshop is the ideal grounding for individuals in the impact pipeline expecting to develop an impact case study for REF 2029. As well as busting some common misconceptions about the REF, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the REF impact case study template, what the REF impact panels are assessing, impact evidence for the REF and common characteristics of the best REF case studies.

What we cover 

  • common characteristics of the best case studies

  • myth busting common misconceptions about the REF

  • the REF impact case study template

  • impact evidence for REF

What you'll gain

  • an opportunity to read and compared a sample of high-star-rated and low-star-rated case studies

  • a good understanding of what the REF impact panels are assessing

  • an opportunity to better understand the guidance for the impact case study template

Ideal for

First-time impact case study authors

3 hours
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In person or online
From £2,500 +VAT

How to book

For more information or to book this workshop please use the contact us form

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