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Using logic models and backward mapping, this workshop helps researchers to identify the people and organisations needed to progress their research towards impact, to understand the role those individuals will play and the methods and tools of engagement available before, during and after the research.

What we cover 

  • A people mapping method that allows you to categorise people and organisations by how they contribute to different stages of the impact journey

  • An overview of some of the core engagement tools available to researchers relevant to the desired impact

  • A logic model approach to impact planning

What you'll gain

  • An opportunity to map the people and partners you need to achieve research impact, or support a colleague to create a map

  • Insight into which engagement methods suit your needs

  • Applied logic models and backwards mapping to plan your research engagement and impact

Ideal for

Researchers at all career stages

3 hours
WCL_Teal_Discussion groups (1).png
In person
From £2,500 +VAT

How to book

For more information or to book this workshop please use the contact us form

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Speak to a member of the team to discuss your impact support needs.

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